Managing Remote Employees

- Improve Morale and Productivity by issuing your colleagues with our unique 'Working from Home' eBook -

Working from Home eBook

‘Working from Home’ (WFH) is a simple, user-friendly and practical eBook.

The digital publication has been produced for employees and others with working from home responsibilities.

The 25-page guide supports the content included in the Fast Five ‘Managing Remote Employees’ resource available to remote managers.

‘Working from Home’ is packed full of useful insights, checklists, practical tips and ready-to-use techniques applicable to the remote working experience.

The eBook offers valuable direction, knowledge, skill and personal development input.

‘Working from Home’ is an invaluable support tool – for the employee and the remote manager.

WFH eBook content includes

1. Planning the workspace at home

2. Shift in operational mindset required

3. Benefits of working from home

4. The powerful Fast Five approach

5. Barriers to delivering personal success

6. High-performing working behaviours

7. The remote working role

8. Knowledge and skill competencies

9. How to maximise the working day

10. Planning and prioritising daily workload

11. Importance of communication

12, How to develop a virtual grapevine

13. Maximising use of visual technology

14. Managing personal performance

15. Developing personal accountability

16. Maximising virtual meetings and check-ins

17. Supporting the team and other colleagues

18. Evaluating ‘working from home’ effectiveness

19. Useful personal wellbeing techniques

20. Personal motivation tips

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