Managing Remote Employees

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Resource Overview

‘Managing Remote Employees’ is a budget friendly, time saving, ready-to-use management development resource.

It has produced for entrepreneurs, business leaders, human resource specialists, training and learning and development professionals.

The resource package has been designed to improve the knowledge and skills of managers and other personnel responsible for managing remote employees.

‘Managing Remote Employees’ forms part of the award-winning Fast Five Series of development resources from John Stein, Founder of the Winning Formula.

20 Management Outcomes

1. Maximise ‘remote working’ potential

2. Remove barriers to future success

3. Improve knowledge and skillset

4. Adopt a ‘remote working’ mindset

5. Minimise any loss of productivity

6. Prepare employees for ‘remote working’

7. Inspire and motivate remote employees

8. Maximise use of ‘remote working’ talent

9. Improve virtual communication skills

10.Maximise the use of technology

11. Align goals to the remote experience

12. Identify employee WFH expectations

13. Inspire high-performance working

14. Deliver inspirational virtual meetings

15. Manage day-to-day remote performance

16. Instil personal accountability

17. Coach and develop remote employees

18. Increase team-working capability

19. Evaluate effectiveness as a manager

20. Produce a development plan

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The Six Factors driving Remote Working

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